The Border by Steve Schafer

the borderTJ Burns — August 2017


Pato, Arbo, Gladys, and Marco are such genuine, well-developed characters, I feel I know them — really know them. I had a stake in their fate – I needed to see them through their trials, to safely overcome incredible obstacles, and to reach their destination unknown. I was so emotionally involved in these four teenagers’ lives that I kept thinking about them long after I finished reading.

The fact that the fate and the journey of these four young people is not just fiction to so many, not just in North America, but worldwide, makes this story all the more potent, and hard to swallow.

The writing is fantastic. I never felt like I was reading a novel, but felt rather like I was sharing in the experience, the tragedies, the hardships, the bonding, the friendship, the love.

I received a copy of this book from Sourcebooks Fire via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Expected publication: September 5th 2017 by Sourcebooks Fire

You can find this book at:

Amazon: The Border by Steve Schafer

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