The Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jenn P. Nguyen

the way to game the walk of shameTJ Burns — June 30, 2016


The Way to Game the Walk of Shame pulled me right in!

I thought the premise was extremely original. Overachieving “ice-queen,” who is too ambitious and driven to worry about high school politics or romance, finds herself in a potentially reputation-killing situation and uses her smarts to turn the events to her advantage.

The story starts out so originally and the relationship between Taylor and Evan develops in a way that was entertaining to read.

[***Spoilers from here on out***]
Then comes the love triangle: The love-triangle between the hottest guy (who is also smart) and the smartest guy (who is also cute) in school was too much.

One of the guys vying for Taylor’s attention is valedictorian — absolutely the smartest guy in the school. And he’s cute too! And the other guy is absolutely the hottest guy in the school. He’s the most charming, best-looking… and he’s athletic, he’s a surfer-dude! Oh, and, by the way, turns out he’s smart too. Could turn out to be a marine biologist. One saves her life swimming and the other offers to blow his grades purposely so that Taylor can become valedictorian. They are both hyper-considerate and sensitive to Taylor’s needs and tastes. Are these guys for real? Where were these guys when I was in high school?! A bit much, you might ask? Just a tad.

Okay, okay, okay — as far as young adult, fantasy/dream-world/cinderella stories are concerned, this is pretty cool. Taylor has never had a boyfriend before. No one has ever even shown interest. She’s been too focused on her studies/future/career to even stop and smell the roses… so okay. I’ll give her that. But couldn’t the boys be less perfect/confident/good-looking? Now too much, just a tad? 😉

I wished for a little more depth of character. Evan is just too perfect, and he doesn’t have the kind of depth that would make him believable. Brian is also too good to be true.

Taylor is more interesting/charming/snarky in the way Evan describes her in his thoughts than she actually is in her words and actions. She has some depth, but I would have liked so much more.

The end then turned out to be cliché. Too bad. The misunderstandings, the miscommunications, the breaking up with the partner so as not to hurt his future, the grand gesture at the end and the Hollywood happy ending…

Such an original, clever beginning deserves an original, clever ending, which this story unfortunately did not get.

But it was definitely and entertaining and fun read. 3.5 stars.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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