Demon Princess (Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales, #1) by Kassandra Lynn

demon princessTJ Burns –February 10, 2016


What an unusual and creative premise: a demon princess, who is about to become demon king (if the opposition doesn’t interfere), gets magically dragged off by a young mage in training to be a “summon beast,” which for all practical purposes makes her his pet and slave.

Demon Princess is definitely my kind of story – we get ripped right into the action of the story from the beginning and let the world-building happen along the way.

I find the main characters interesting:

Adriana is intriguing. Though she doesn’t say much, we get to follow her thought process, which is quite different from what she displays externally.

Aldric acts like a jerk to Adriana — but I get him. He’s been preparing all life to summon a beast, who will help him in battle, who will stand by his side, be his friend, protect him… and he gets a girl (who he presumes incorrectly is defenseless).
Keldrin is a genuinely good guy. He just can’t help himself. That’s how he is. He cares about and helps perfect strangers, such as Adriana.

Even Princess Salvene is interesting to me (though her names sounds like a white wine or a former Yugoslav Republic 😉 ). She’s haughty – from Adriana’s point of view – but I don’t write her off yet. She could develop into someone pivotal for the story.

Razen, the wiseman, seems pretty noble. Although he shoves Adriana off a roof-top, his intentions seem to be of a protective nature (protecting humans against demons). But Razen is willing to risk his life to go into Barren Land to save his phoenix egg’s life – and that impressed me.

The Adrianna/Keldrin romance is soooo sweet. It’s cute how Adriana’s feelings for Keldrin keep surfacing ever so slightly before she aggressively shoves them back down where they belong. Here’s this mega-powerful demon princess (albeit not in control at the moment) who has these fleeting feelings of joy when Keldrin does or says something to show he cares about her. It’s super-sweet…

Still there are many questions left unanswered.

Why is Aldric of all people — a rather talentless mage — able to summon such a powerful demon? I suspect that Adriana is able to be summoned because she has fairy blood in her. Although she doesn’t believe this to be true, I am interested to see, as the story unfolds in the next installment, whether she has some fairy ancestors she doesn’t know about. We know now that Adriana’s father is Keldrin’s archenemy, but we know nothing about Adriana’s mother — maybe she’s part or all fairy?

Why does Razen bring together Adrianna and the trio that can defeat a demon king — Savior Blood, Wiseman, and Warrior? Why and how can this trio defeat the demon king? We don’t get any depth as to why this particular mix of people is so important or how this came to be. We just learn that that’s the way it is (or has always been). The same goes with demon/human hostility: That’s the way it has always been. Why? We don’t really know.

I do think it’s good, however, that this foursome (Future Demon King, Savior Blood, Wiseman, and Warrior) get to know each other — and hopefully they will eventually befriend each other. That might make a human/demon armistice, or even peace possible… (oh, I am such the optimist… all I am saying is give peace a chance… :D).

I have to say: I loved this book.

The characters (both the main and supporting characters) are interesting and I had a stake in their well-being. I really cared what happened to them.

I have already picked up the next installment Demon King and I am very much looking forward to reading it.

Published December 21st 2015 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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